Leaving London and my friends – Capucine

Hello, I’m called Capucine and one day my mum and dad told me that we’re going on a  trip around the world and I felt very excited but I said that I will be missing my friends and I did not want to leave Ottilie my best friend but I am excited to see the world. I am hoping to see a koala and maybe pandas although my mummy says we are not going to China. I hope I get to go to the beach and enjoy the sun and to see lots of palm trees. My friend Lara from school is from the Philippines and I looked at pictures of her beautiful country and there are lots of coconut trees and beaches. I am also looking forward to jump in swimming pools and have fun. And I am making a blog. Although I will miss Art I have a blog to take pictures and keep in touch with my friends. I will also miss my teacher Jenny and I hope that she will write to me. Thank you for listening to my blog. Love, Capucine x

2 thoughts on “Leaving London and my friends – Capucine

  1. Dear gorgeous Capucine, we’re so glad you’re having fun. Tell your mummy she’s still the most beautiful lady we know despite being bitten by mosquitos!! Will you send us some lovely summer sunshine from Bali and we’ll send you lots of cuddles (we all miss your hugs). Lots of love Jules, Tony, Gilbert and most of all Ottilie who REALLY misses you xxxxx

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    • I will miss you too! I am really excited to meet you in France next year. Maybe when we are back in London we can get together. I really hope that you enjoy year 3 and you will be a great buddy to someone in red or yellow class. I miss you very much and Jenny. Love, Capucine x


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