The start of our adventure – Apollinaire

Hello, my name is Apollinaire and I am going on an 1 year adventure with my family. I like rugby (I used to play for the Regent’s Park Royals in London with my friend Atticus and my absolute favourite team is the All Blacks but I like the Australian team too) and cricket (I also used to play for the RPR and Sri Lanka is my favourite team – that’s lucky because my dad is from Sri Lanka), basketball and skateboarding (I miss my skateboard but since we are travelling we could not take all our belongings). I like Maths very much but Art is my favourite subject. I like drawing Comics and collecting things from the recycling box and making sculptures. I have a dog (a golden retriever) named cookie and I will miss him so much this year. I am very excited about our trip. I remember one morning my sister and I came downstairs for breakfast and suddenly my parents surprised me and told me that we were all going around Southeast Asia and Oceania for a whole year. I felt extremely excited and a tiny bit nervous about it too. I would really like to see wild animals along our way and to also learn different languages at each country we stop at. I would like to learn how to surf and I am so happy that we will not be wearing warm clothes anymore since the weather is so hot and humid here. I can’t wait to try different food especially fruits like mangos, watermelons and pineapples and I am hoping to do lots of outdoor sports and activities. I am a little bit worried about getting lost somewhere or about where we will stay as as we are only finding places as we go. I am also worried about getting close to a spider. I am really happy to homeschool this year. I won’t miss my old school as I have been bullied a lot last year and the grown ups in my school did not really help and I would like to get to know my family more through homeschooling. I will miss my friends and playing with them in the park after school so I am doing a blog to keep in touch with them, but I would really like to make new friends too, perhaps who like the same things as me. This blog is also part of my homeschool work, as it covers my English lessons (It helps me with my journal writing), my ICT lessons (I learn how to post pictures, add different categories and much more) and my Art lessons (I love photography and my parents bought me a Nikon digital camera for my birthday so I will have a chance to post my pictures now). I am really happy that I get to explore the world this year and I hope that you enjoy following my adventures and perhaps get in touch. Apollinaire 🏉🏀

6 thoughts on “The start of our adventure – Apollinaire

  1. Amazing, very exciting and really cool blog. I hope you’ll play for the Royals again when you’re back! Maybe we could meet up when you’re back in London and go somewhere to do a surfing competition by the beach? I’ll be back in the surfing mood when I go to Cornwall this summer!

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  2. I love reading this, it’s wonderful!! I’m so happy your parents have given you & your siblings this amazing adventure. Enjoy yourself! I know you will make lots of new & interesting friends!❌⭕️😘💕

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