My favourite indonesian story so far – Capucine

We went to a library in Ubud and my mummy said I could choose a book so I chose indonesian stories for children because you could learn about stories from Indonesia that are maybe true. This story is my favourite so far:

True Strength

The story is about a man called Patih who has lots of power and knows everyone and everything that happens in the village. Everyone would seek his advice and they would listen to what he says and ask him what to do. Three men were going around the country and who ever they met they would burgle them with the help of their weapons. One morning the thieves traveled from far to Patih’s village and threatened everyone. They went near Path who was weaving rattan rugs and asked him who in the village would dare fighting them as they thought they were so powerful. Patih offered them to sit down and he said: have some watermelons and cucumbers they will refresh you since you travelled from far in the morning. They stared at the cucumbers and Patih told them not to be shy and to eat them. The thieves took all their weapons out and tried to cut the cucumbers and watermelons but their weapons did not chop anything so Patih offered to help. He took his small carving knife he uses for cutting bamboo and rattan for his mats and cut the cucumbers and watermelons easily like a hot knife in butter in equal pieces. The thieves were amazed and stared at the pieces and they realised that they did not have all the super natural powers and were not the best in the world but Patih was so they thanked him and left the village.

I like the story because some people tell you they are the best when they are not and they should not steal weapons because if you steal you can go to prison. Patih has more strength because he is very intelligent and the thieves are not. They just scare people and take things. I hope you enjoyed the story. Love, Capucine x

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