Colourful offerings in Bali – Apollinaire

A few days ago, (when we were staying near Canggu) my sister, dad and I went for a little walk around our village. But after a few minutes we all noticed that there were lots and lots of Hindu offerings to the gods that people had left on the street. Hinduism is the main religion in Bali  (83.5%) followed by Islam (13.4%) then Christianity (2.5%) and finally Buddhism (0.5). The base was weaved out of long leaves and there were many things inside, such as flowers, incense sticks, berries and sometimes little sweets and cookies.

We asked a lady and her son who were all dressed up (her son all in white wearing a small, white turban on his head and his mother had a white top with a long sari covering the bottom of her body) why there were so many offerings on the street, and they said that it was a full moon that night and that they were all going to have a ceremony called a “puja”. As we walked along the road we saw many black temples (most were black as they are made out of volcanic rock but some were creamy white as they can be made out of limestone too).

Yesterday, we went to a market in Ubud where we also saw many offerings on the street. As we walked into a little area under a shelter, I saw lots of wooden sculptures of sea creatures, animals, Buddha, Ganesh and some other Hindu gods too. Never the less, what I was really interested by was that many women working at those shops were, when they did not have customers, preparing the base of the Hindu offerings for the gods. They make it out of thick grass strands, weave them into a shape and eventually staple it in place to form a very beautiful flower shape or box shape like origami. That is how they make the base of the offerings. Here are some pictures I took:

I very much enjoyed watching people weave and create religious offerings and I would really like to learn how to make them myself! 🌕🎉🌱🍬

4 thoughts on “Colourful offerings in Bali – Apollinaire

  1. Hi my name is Narayan. Your blog was amazing. My mum told me to read it. Your drawings are great. My favourite sports are football and cricket (I’m in the A team at school). My best subjects are Maths, DT and Spanish.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.
    Bye for now!


    • Hi Narayan! Thank you so much for responding! I really like cricket and I love playing football at school just like you! My absolute favourite subject at school is maths, and I really enjoy Art and P.E too. Thank you again for responding and getting in touch! (I really like making new friends!) Please keep me updated on what you’re doing too! From Apollinaire 💥


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