Beautiful rice fields in Bali – Capucine

Bali has planted rice for more than 1000 years.

A great part of Bali has terraces. It looks a bit like wide steps coming down. The rice is planted at the top of each step which is flat.


There are two steps you have to do to grow rice.

The first one is called seedling : the rice seed is put in a pot with well drained and well aerated soil and then the roots come out and grips into the soil and a leaf comes out. The plants grows into a soft green shoot ready to be transplanted in the rice paddy.

The second step is called transplanting: when the stem is big enough it goes into the rice paddy. The paddy is a filled with water until it floods.


The people working in the rice field make a hole in the mud and put the shoot in. They leave space between each one.


The stem turns into a darker green and becomes taller and then, when it gets old, it turns yellow and has seeds so it’s time to pick them. The seeds turn into rice that you can eat which I really like.


I liked studying rice because it’s really nice to get to know things that I never knew and I really like rice – I eat Nasi Goreng here which is rice with egg and chicken and vegetables in a special sauce.  Love, Capucine x


4 thoughts on “Beautiful rice fields in Bali – Capucine

  1. Hi Capucine,

    Your rice story is so interesting. I am learning so much thru you Balinese adventure. I like rice too – I’m Spanish & we eat paella which is yellow rice with seafood and chicken.
    Keep up the good work – loved your illustrations. Xoxo Joni

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